1918 GMC on the Alpine Division (1941)

L.T. Gotchy shot this image of a 1918 GMC Model 16, ¾-ton wooden flare-board express bodied truck back on March 16, 1941 atop Echo Mountain. The vehicle is facing north along the Alpine Division just opposite the inspection siding, with a load of steel rail scrapped from the right-of-way. This is close to the spot where the Sam Merrill Trail comes up from the Cobb Estate at the terminus of Lake Avenue in Altadena. Note, when the Pacific Electric Railway filed to abandon this railway the overhead wires were already down and the Alpine Division cars had already burned to the ground.

Special thanks to Larry Schramm from the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) for confirming the year, make and model of this truck and locating this modern image. Chard Walker Collection / PRS Collection

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