Hiking Trail Split

On the trail from Alpine Tavern to the summit of Mount Lowe, there is a split which occurs allowing hikers to continue on to the summit of Mount Lowe, or make their way north east to the summit of Mount Wilson. This unnamed couple, decked out in their Sunday finery, find themselves at that point on a beautiful afternoon. Undated, photographer unknown.

Michael Patris Collection

3 Comments on “Hiking Trail Split”

  1. is the “three-segment sign readable? I’d love to know what each segment says. And…did the sign post stand at the Markham Saddle trail junction? Thanks.

    • Looks like —– TRAIL TO
      MT. WILSON

      I can’t read the small print under each of these

  2. I love that this couple is hiking in their Sunday-Go-To-Meet’n-Best. I hope they didn’t have dress shoes on as well. Back then, folks thought nothing of walking long distances to do errands, or for fun.

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