Leona Phelps at the Falls

Miss Leona Phelps visits one of nine waterfalls in Rubio Canyon, just upstream from Rubio Pavilion, circa 1905.

The falls were quite a tourist attraction, but Thaddeus Lowe initially thought there was enough water to generate electricity to run the incline. During the winter and spring months, circa 1900, our annual rainfall was nearly 24″. Lowe quickly found out the summers were quite dry and not enough water flow could sustain the generation of electricity. Shortly thereafter a gasoline engine was brought in to help generate electricity which was then stored in batteries.

Unknown photographer, albumen photo, Michael Patris Collection

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  1. Love all these old photos showing the history of our beautiful backyard, which I still frequently visit as often as possible. You might find it interesting that this picture was not actually taken in Rubio Canyon, but is actually a rare photo of the lower Eaton Canyon waterfall before the large boulder was wedged up on top. If you look closely at the granite wall to the upper left of the falls, you will notice what almost looks like an italic “F”, which can still be seen today in that very same spot.

    Got any jobs for a detail oriented historian like myself?

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