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  1. Mike-do you know the date of this photo? I am working on the trails visible on the east wall of Rubio and I am trying to get as much information as possible.



  2. This & other pics of the early Turnout Track show it as a continuously curving alignment with little or no straight run where the rails are double. A P. E. drawing of the Incline that I saw shows a fair distance of straight, parallel track, between the split points. The pic in Seims’ book, P. 218, of the abandoned & decayed Incline shows a definite parallel segment also. Was this section revised at some point in its operating history?

    The P. E. drawing also shows the lineal location of points called “Joints”. One is immediately above the upper Turnout split & the other immediately below the lower split. At each of those locations one now finds a set of 3 large angled eye-bolts spaced apart to the dimension of the rail gauge. These are massively anchored in rock & concrete below. At one time one of the holes in on of them in the upper set still held a large bolt & nut of a length that would have accommodated attachment to the stringer/tie above it. When the wood was still present these must have firmly anchored the structure but since they are at the locations of the “joints”, were there some sort of expansion gaps or sliders that could have absorbed the thermal expansion/contraction of the rails on upper & lower sections of the track? These then could have left the Turnout unaffected by thermal motion?

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