Railfan and photographer Jack Whitmeyer aka The Mount Lowe Kid

We just recently lost noted rail-fan and photographer Jack Whitmeyer, who left quite a legacy of railroad photography. In this real photo postcard, dated November 21, 1953, L. T. Gotchy, photographer, types on the reverse, “The ‘Mount Lowe Kid’ complete with broad-gage (sic) maximum traction boots, slouch hat (so we won’t see that his head is asleep) scrapbooks and other photo gems which jinorialize the travisonic. Also Army field telephone for instant communication with lesser Mt. Lowe collectors. Small handbag contains a fifth of Dr. Buckhalter, (famous kidney restorer-90 proof). a much needed restorative, utilized during extra-plenipotentiary sessions, while recounting the Golden Years of Professor Lowe’s noble arean of mountain fastness. Taken at Mt. Lowe ruins, just before the winter of the blue snow. Michael Patris Collection.

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  1. Finding this photo of my grandfather was a true joy. I assumed, since he was an avid railroad man, that he knew all about Mt. Lowe – but never did I imagine we’d stood in the same spot and shared a love for the wonderful area. I am planning on recreating this photo in the near future…

    • Hi Terra – make sure you send us a copy of the image when you shoot it, we’d love to feature it right here! Your grandfather was a great man – Mount Lowe team.

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