Circular Bridge Chinese New Year Postcard

Interesting two cent Mount Lowe postcard by the Newman Post Card Company featuring Circular Bridge and imprinted characters in Chinese stating “Good Wishes for the New Year.” In the thousands of Mount Lowe postcards, this is the first time we have seen this. It is postally unused.

Michael Patris Collection

One Comment on “Circular Bridge Chinese New Year Postcard”

  1. Hi Michael Patris,

    This postcard is an incredible find.

    I believe it is actually a New Year card written in Japanese, not Chinese. I’ve spoken with a Japanese Literature professor and local Chinese American history experts, and we believe this is written in the Japanese way of writing Happy New Year with Japanese kanji characters. It is a Japanese custom to write postcards for the new year.

    What year is this postcard from? I’m very curious about it. If I can get the year, then I can see if this was made before Japan switched from celebrating the new year with the Lunar New Year, to the Western calendar.

    Thank you,
    Machiko Yasuda

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