Inspiration Point and Easter Rock

Beyond Alpine Tavern, there were a number of activities to participate in, on top of Mount Lowe. This great shot looking east shows the Inspiration Point Ramada on the right, the beginning of the One Man and a Mule Railway (O.M. & M.) in the middle, which began in 1917, and the flagpole from a different angle. Easter Rock is up the trail going to the left.

Just a short walk from Alpine Tavern is Inspiration Point, which was completed in 1925. The Ramada is still there along with the original viewing tubes to locate different parts of the southland through these steel peepholes. The flagpole is also still there, although rusted and lying down in the brush.

Easter Rock where Sunday sunrise Easter services were held for many years. Although the rock is still mostly there after years of decay, the plaque is long since gone. One can still see the outline where the granite had been chiseled to receive the plaque.

4 Comments on “Inspiration Point and Easter Rock”

  1. We have a photo of my Grandmother on the Easter Rock in 1925
    We would like to know what the plaque says
    Thank you

    • Laura,
      If you type in your Google browser : Altadena History society Easter rock. The first site that pops up, scroll down to where you see the black and white picture of a man in a hat sitting at the rock. If you double tap on the picture it allows you to zoom in on the plaque. Unfortunately it is not completely visible however it’ll give you some info as to what the plaque says. Hope that helped a bit.

  2. Thanks for sharing all this info. I visited the Alpine Tavern, Inspiration Point, and the top of Mt. Lowe yesterday (2/8/2016).

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