The Chalet

The original name of this 12-room hotel was Echo Mountain House and as its larger sister building was completed the name change took place and the sign across the front moved. The cylindrical concrete pilings in the foreground, which were used as a base for a canvas tarp and shade, are still there today, as is the foundation of the Chalet, remains of the old fountain, and an old loveseat for folks to enjoy the view.

In the first slide we see the top of the incline with The Chalet in the background. Thaddeus Lowe is wearing the hat and the white scarf in the second tier of the car. The opening day for this hotel was the same as the grand opening of the incline; July 4th, 1893, and later had a post office inside, as well.

The third slide is a side view of the Chalet with the rock garden and fountain in the foreground. This structure only lasted until December 1905 when fire destroyed it and other buildings on Echo Mountain.

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