Waiting at Rubio Canyon by Bjorn Palenius and Charles Lawrence

Here is a hand-colored image that was originally shot by Charles Lawrence, the official photographer of the Pacific Electric Railway, colorized by San Diego resident and railfan Bjorn Palenius. He has enhanced this image for everyone to enjoy, and we are grateful for his efforts and contributions.

Charles Lawrence Photo, Bjorn Palenius Colorization

6 Comments on “Waiting at Rubio Canyon by Bjorn Palenius and Charles Lawrence”

  1. I was given two original Charles Lawrence photos of Circular Bridge when I was invited to his house to meet with him. I was about 15 at the time and heavily into collecting Mt. Lowe material. I was so thrilled to visit him and hear his stories! Needless to say, when he gave me those prints, I was over the moon! Regrettably, I donated the prints to the Pasadena Historical Society, and never seen the light of day since! I wish I could get them back!

  2. We know how to share at the Mount Lowe Preservation Society. The only thing keeping more and more being posted, for all to enjoy, is the limited time of the small group of volunteers and, of course, more funding.

  3. Any evidence that these cars were not red all the way up the side? If not the color needs correcting.

  4. Grandpa Clark lost his arm in an accident on the Pacific Electric Railway probably some time in the 1920s or 30s. When he recovered the PE made him conductor on the Incline where he worked till he retired.

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