AOL “What Remains”: Mount Lowe

Check out this amazing piece produced by AOL for its “What Remains” web video series on Mount Lowe. Featuring Michael Patris and images from the collection of the Mount Lowe Preservation Society (parent to Pacific Electric Railway Historical Society), the video promises to introduce Mount Lowe and the Pacific Electric to hundreds of thousands of new viewers over the next few weeks.

One Comment on “AOL “What Remains”: Mount Lowe”

  1. Short, but a very nice presentation and a quick look into the rich past of Pasadena and the Los Angeles area history . Not many people know about this small yet monumental undertaking of a dream come true that Prof Thaddeus Lowe accomplished during his lifetime. This railway and the area it encompasses was a part of my life and adventures when I was young and left a lifelong impression on me and I will forever fantasize how it would have been to have ridden on The Chariots that took you above the clouds !

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